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As finals starts this weekend here is some important information for players and spectators regarding the Final Series matches.

  1. All grounds will have a QR code that should be scanned prior to entry.
  2. At both Pluim Park and Ourimbah there will be a single point of entry at which a QR code must be scanned, completed and presented prior to entering the venue.
  3. Gates at Pluim Park will Open 1 hour prior to the first kick off. After parking players, spectators etc will need to enter at Pluim Park via the entry point between the two buildings.
  4. Security guards will be onsite checking bags and eskies and ensuring that the Entry process is followed.
  5. NO ALCOHOL is to be brought into Pluim Park.
  6. In the event of Wet Weather CCF will determine ground closures and may need to reformat the final series as we have no further weeks to catch up games
  7. Coaches and Managers are to collect their passes from Frost Reserve between 5:30 - 6:30pm on Wednesday 13th October. They MUST have these on to enter the technical area and keep them for the entire final series.

For more information see The Finals Series Support Document.

Please refer to compman for all draw details due to wet weather amendments