Canteen ROSTER so far this season -

Please NOTE : You require 2 people in canteen and 2 on BBQ (no under 16's allowed in canteen or to assist on BBQ )
A text will be sent !

Any questions please contact Leanne on 0411 968 085

Whilst we will endeavor to only place your team on canteen duty once or twice during the season .. it maybe necessary due to home games and clash of times etc.. to roster your team on more ..

Saturday 13th June                                                             Saturday 27th June
8.00 am to 9.00am     7T7
9.00am -10.30am     10.A                                                                   First Grade  / all day  THANK YOU GUYS.
10.30am -12.30am    14A
12.30 -2.30pm           11.D                                                               

Sunday 14th June                                                       Sunday 28th June
9.30am - 11.30am     MAA3                                                                8.00am /10.00am  -  WAA1
11.30am -1.00         MAA2/1                                                              10.00am/12.00pm  - W12A
1.00-3.00                 M18C                                                                  12.00 / 4.00        -  Leanne ( not here )
Saturday 20th June                                                  Saturday 4th July
9.00am -10.30am      8J1                                                                    8.00 am /9.00am   - 7T8
10.30am -12.00         7T6                                                                    9.00am /10.00am  -5S4
12.00am- 2.00pm       12C                                                                   10.00am /11.00 - 9.D
2.00pm - 4.00pm        16A                                                                   11.00 am /1.00     -14.C
                                                                                                          1.00pm /2.30     - 45 B
Sunday 21st June                                                          2.30 / 4.00       -Leanne
8.00am- 10.00am         M18B
10.00am -12.000am     W15A                                                           Sunday 5th July
12.00 am - 2.00 pm     MAA2/2                                                             9.00am/10.00am - W18A
2.00pm to close   ?                                                                              10.00am / 11.30  -MAA11  //  -  11.30am /1.30pm - MAA8 / /

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