8am Mitchell 

8.40 Luke

9.20 Charlotte 



8am Ronan

8.40 Ronan

9.20 Grace



8am Sam

8.40 Jacob


Field 4

8.50 Lily

9.40 Lily

10.30 Sam

11.20 Jasper

12.10 Jasper

1pm Jacob

1.50 Jacob 


            Added Thu Jul 19 17:52:00 2018 AEDT

Could all coaches involved in the mentoring program tonight (Tuesday July 10) please meet the mentors at the canteen at 5.25pm.


            Updated Tue Jul 10 12:40:51 2018 AEDT

Hi Roos,

This message is especially for our coaches & managers, however, it is very handy for everyone to be aware of.

Message from the President of the Roos:

It is important that ALL players (including borrowed players) are put on the team sheet at least 15min before kick off, because once the team sheet is locked at kick off time, no changes can be made. This means that any player not on the team sheet, can not play. If a player not on the team sheet plays, the team will receive a breach notice (loss of points or fine) from CCF.

Below is an excerpt from an email from CCF:

Dear Presidents and Secretaries,

This weekend, you will notice the implementation of an automatic lock to the iMatch Sheets in Compman. The match sheets will now lock at the scheduled kick off time, which will prevent any changes to the team match sheet. Referees will still be able to update match scores, red/yellow cards and referee reports. Please ensure that all your teams are aware that they will not be able to make ANY changes following the scheduled kick off, so they should familiarise themselves with the below requirements from the 2018 Rules and Regulations.

Thanks for reading Roos. We really need to be conscious of some stipulations that are being enforced more stringently by the CCF.


            Updated Thu Jul 5 10:50:20 2018 AEDT

Cadet Ref Schedule for Saturday 7 July 2018

Field 3B
8am Ronan
8.40am Zane
9.20am Blair
10am Blair
10.40am Blair
11.20am Ellinya

Field 3C
8am Sam
8.40am Sam
9.20am Riley
10am Ellinya

Field 3D
8am Cooper
8.40am Cooper
9.20am Grace
10am Grace

Field 4
8.50am Lily 
9.40am Charlotte 
10.30am Lily 
11.20am Charlotte 
12.10am Grace


            Added Thu Jul 5 10:47:38 2018 AEDT

Hi everyone. Frost Reserve is now OPEN, however, please note our expectations below.

1. Stay out of goal mouths.

2. Train in your allocated area only.

3. Please ensure that you finish training on time. If you go overtime, you are holding up another team from training.


            Added Thu Jul 5 10:45:52 2018 AEDT

If your game was washed out over the past week, please check your draw online, as all games have been rescheduled.


            Added Tue Jul 3 12:37:06 2018 AEDT

Cadet Ref Schedule for Saturday 23 June 2018

Field 3B
8.40 Ronan
9.20 Ronan
10.00 Grace
10.40 Grace

Field 3C
8.40 Lucas
9.20 Lucas
10.00 Charlotte
10.40 TBA

Field 3D
8.40 Allinya
9.20 Jasper
10.00 Jasper
10.40 Lily

Field 4
9.00 Lily
9.50 Lily
10.40 Charlotte
11.30 Allinya
12.20 Jacob


            Added Thu Jun 21 11:37:51 2018 AEDT


Vale John Nettheim.

18 June 1930 - 19 June 2018

It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts, that we share news of the passing of one of our Life Members, John Nettheim.

John led a rich and full life, marrying Megan in 1957 and having four children who gave him eight grandchildren. He travelled the far reaches of the world, even working as Head Communications Officer for the British Isles, in the Merchant Navy.

John was a referee in the mid/late 1970’s, Secretary of Manly Warringah Soccer Association, and was involved in the introduction of Womens Soccer into NSW.

In 1998, John joined the Kincumber Roos committee and served until 2014 (his wife Megan passed in 2010 after a stroke, with John caring for her yet still serving the club). He also served as Director of Judiciary for Central Coast Football (2003 to 2006) and sat on over 1000 judiciary cases.

Today, his youngest child, Murray, still plays for the Roos in their Over 45's team, with John always at the game, sitting near halfway in a Roos shirt or jacket, with his trusty stopwatch. As one of Murray’s teammates for the last decade, and someone who took great comfort in seeing John on the sideline every single Saturday with that beloved stopwatch, I know I can speak for all of the Roos Over 45’s when I say, John, you may not have been on the pitch kicking the ball, but you were just as much a member of our squad as any one of us out there. Murray, please know that your teammates will miss your Dad too mate.

John, from everyone at the Kincumber Roos Football Club, our Executive, our Committee, our Members, our Sponsors and the entire Roos family, we bid farewell and thank you for being so dear to us. We will miss you terribly, but take solace in the fact that you are again with your dear Megan. And to your family, we send our condolences, and we promise you John, that we will surround our fellow Roos, Murray and Grant, with much warmth, love and care.

Rest In Peace our friend.


            Added Wed Jun 20 13:04:44 2018 AEDT

Please see attached 2018 Thursday Training Schedule.  Please only train in your team's allocated area.  All warm up work is to be done in the 'warm up area' (off the playing fields).

Click Here to view the attachment.


            Added Mon Apr 9 10:37:25 2018 AEDT

Please see attached 2018 Wednesday Training Schedule.  Please only train in your team's allocated area.  All warm up work is to be done in the 'warm up area' (off the playing fields).

Click Here to view the attachment.


            Updated Mon Apr 9 10:36:23 2018 AEDT

Please see attached 2018 Tuesday Training Schedule.  Please only train in your team's allocated area.  All warm up work is to be done in the 'warm up area' (off the playing fields).

Click Here to view the attachment.


            Updated Mon Apr 9 10:32:44 2018 AEDT

Kincumber Roo's Football Club would like to welcome our new co-major sponsor for the next three years, Own Your Home.

Own Your Home is owned and directed by Craig Casey, one of our O35 players, who, with his wife Katy, also happens to own Central Coast Eyecare, our other major sponsor (who are currently in their fourth year with us).

Over time, we'll share more and more about our new sponsor, and hopefully many of you may work with them and enjoy the benefits of their services. The more we as a club, support and patronise our sponsors, the more they can help us and especially our children.

So if you are interested in free strategies and guidance about how to reduce your home mortgage faster, please feel free to visit their website, ownyourhome.net.au, or call Craig on 0413 001 811.

Thank you to Own Your Home for your support and sponsorship, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you for many years to come.

Kevin Robertson

President - Kincumber Roos FC

            Added Thu Jul 27 17:32:17 2017 AEDT

Updated Rules and Regulations have been added to the library as the CCF notified us that the clause regarding backing up for teams in the 12-16 age group had inadvertently been deleted.  Please take note of these changes.


            Added Fri Jun 9 09:52:01 2017 AEDT

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